60 LED wall clock

When I first time received my ordered WS2812B 500 LEDs strip I got idea to assemble a shiny wall clock. While starting to write a code I noticed there are many of different codes of LED wall clock already available on web.
This is based on Rise and Shine LED clock code https://sourceforge.net/projects/riseandshineledclock/
In most of the cases wall clock does not need any functions alarm nor timer neither demo mode.

What we need is to show current time and modes to select different styles as you wish with different animations, colors and details. Since this is not IoT and NTP driven clock we need also traditional manual way to set time.


1 x Arduino

1 x Rotary encoder

60 x WS2812B LEDs

1 x 5v 2A power supply

1 x Real time clock module – RTC DS1307 + battery

Electric wires like 22AWG (0.65mm)

Testing code