VU Light Tube

Responsive LED visualizer with microphone and other visual effects. MIcrophone has automatic gain control by MAX9814 chip.
This is designed to fit to flower case for Orchidea.


1 x Arduino nano or any other clone
1 x MAX9814 Electret Microphone Module
26 x WS2812B LEDs
1 x 47cm or 18.5″ Glass/ Plexiglass pipe for the case. If there are children near by the device it’s better use acrylic like plexiglass case.
Some wires like 22AWG (0.65mm)
1 x rotary encoder
1 x knob
1 x 1A power supply


Arduino Nano

MAX9814 Electret Microphone Module

There is no need to connect AR or Gain pins as you want run this module with maximum gain.

Vdd = Arduino 5v or 3.3v pin
Out = Arduino A0 (analog pin)

WS2812B 60 LEDs/M strip

There are too many LEDs, too many mAmps for handle by Arduino so you need external 5v power supply.

+5v = external power supply 5v
Din = Arduino D7 (digital pin)

Rotary encoder

Rotary encoder 3 pin side
A pin = Arduino D6
B pin = Arduino D5

Rotary encoder 2 pin side
SW pin = Arduino A3

Power consumption!
26 LEDs * 0.06A + Arduino 0.3A max = 1.86A
As quick calculation shows, any basic 2A charger would be fine to make sure you can take maximum brightness of LEDs. However, power consumption measured and max consumption Amps with this setup were less that 1A so almost any mobile phone charger will be ok.


Coding in progress…