Bed reading light with Bluetooth speakers

1 x Raspberry Pi Zero W
1 meter plastic ventilation pipe
2 x Air ventilation cover
2 x Min 3W Speakers
60 x WS2812 LED-strip
1 x power socket
1 x 5A 5V power supply
1 x 2x3W amplifier board with volume control. I used PAM8403 based board, but any amplifier with volume control will fit to this project.
2.5 meters electric cable, basic 22AWG should be fine to give enough Amperes
1 x Audio knob for volume

Python, php, bash

Testing speakers with amplifier taken from old radio and LEDs functionality with Python.

Tube ready for the action

LED test with rainbow color range

Web page for control made with php.
Controls for mpc player and LEDs

To be continued…